Who is the Healthy Wine Snob?

My name is Lynette. I started this healthy journey like most people trying to lose weight and just feel better in my body. But what I realized was that living "healthy" isn't just your diet. It is living in a way that is healthy all around. Your mind has to be healthy in order for your habits to be healthy. To live a truly healthy life, you need to not only eat nourishing food but also work out and feed your mind healthy thoughts. I am here to share delicious recipes, workout tips and suggestions, share positive words of encouragement and ways to live in a positive state of mind. Additionally, I will be sharing wonderful wines that I love, wine pairing suggestions along with a bit of wine education.  Think of it as BODY-SPIRIT-MIND & WINE. 

In addition to sharing my favorite wines, I am also a Cause Entrepreneur with Napa Valley's One Hope Wines. All wines purchased give 20% of sales to a different non-profit each month (10% from One Hope and 10% from me).  You will be able to see the charity or cause I have chosen each month and you also have the ability to change it to the charity of your choice. I mean why not buy wine and give to your school's PTA? I mean it's a win win! I love being a Cause Entrepreneur because giving is important to me. I love that there is a way to make charitable giving fun and a part of your everyday life. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have regarding One Hope or becoming a Cause Entrepreneur.

Living a healthy life and enjoying wine along the way.

Lynette aka Healthy Wine Snob